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Quality Assurance

Quality is the Life of the Company

This company motto exemplifies the commitment of Kawabe forged since its founding from
thoroughly knowing the importance of quality and dedicating full effort to it.

Further evidence of Kawabe’s dedication to quality is that it received ISO9001 certification in October 1996. At that time this international standard for quality management systems had not yet become widely implemented and Kawabe was among the first in the industry to be certified.

While building a quality management system, we have concentrated on the basic tenant of production to “build quality into the process” by creating a manufacturing process and labor system that does not create defects or allow them into the market, and this remains a focus of Kawabe today.

Further initiatives resulting from our commitment to quality include our own method for managing the maintenance of press dies and molds, which requires 4M Control (Man, Machine, Material, Method) of changes and high precision, prevention activities to prevent the occurrence of serious defects, and zero in-process defect activities to minimize as far as possible in-process defects. Every employee of Kawabe is enthusiastically engaged in control and activities befitting Kawabe’s commitment to quality.

Kawabe employees will continue their united cause to maintain a firm commitment to quality to manufacture high-quality and reliable products that will satisfy our customers.

ISO9001 Certification

ISO 9001 JQA-1424 Kawabe was certified with ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ahead of our industry as Kawabe has placed maximum priority on quality since its inauguration.
Certified by Japan Quality Assurance Organization
Registration number: JQA-1424

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