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Manufacturing Technology

Kawabe’s integrated production -From precision press processing to insert molding-

Kawabe operates a 24-hour integrated production system within the same factory that starts with process processing and ends with insert molding and subassembly. This provides a solid system for meeting urgent orders from customers.

Pressed products

110-ton digital servo and other presses are used to guarantee hi-precision processing.

Insert primary molding

Parts that require seals are molded in a two-step process.

Insert secondary molding

Post-molding quality assurance is conducted by performing continuity, insulation, press resistance, and other inspections.


ubassembly, such as post-molding caulking, is also performed.

Multiple part insert

A wide range of press processing from 300-ton to 35-ton is performed.

Post-insertion caulking

This technology inserts multiple press parts.

Processing Range

Precision Pressing
Pressure Application capacity 3 tons to 300 tons
Material width 10 mm to 500 mm
Material sheet thickness 0.1mm to 3.2 mm
Material used in the past SPCC, SECC, SPTE, SAPH, S60C and other irons SUS301, SUS304, SUS430 and other stainless steels (including spring materials) C1100R, C2601, C2680, C2801, C5191, C5210 and other coppers A3003 and other aluminums (including clad materials), and other materials as requested.
Die size Maximum of 2,000 mm x 600 mm
Insert Molding
Molding capability 150-ton to 20- ton upright injection molders, 20-ton hoop molding system
Materials Engineering plastics PA, PBT, POM, etc. Super engineering plastics PPS (GF)
Molds Maximum 480 mm x 480 mm x 400 mm (high)
Injection volume Theoretical maximum injection volume 230cm3(150-ton rotary injection molder)
Injection pressure 179Mpa

Kawabe also offers other types of processing and treatments.

Spot welding

For spot welding work Kawabe employs welding work total data recording to provide heretofore unavailable quality control. Data, such as for applied pressure required for welding, current applied time, and welding current value, is instantly collected, checked, and saved for each welding job.


Caulking of contacts and other parts for electrical contacts is performed for insert molded parts such as rivet-less caulking and contact caulking.

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