Reasons for choosing Kawabe

Reason 1Integrated production from press work to insert molding in the same factory

Both pressed parts and molding dies need to be carefully manufactured and adjusted for producing high-quality and high-precision insert-molded parts.

If press work and insert molding are carried out in different factories, various troubles may result: a defective pressed part may suspend production at the start of insert molding and the investigation to determine whether the trouble is caused by the pressed part or by the molding die may take up so much time as to interfere with the delivery to customers.

In that respect, you need not worry with our company. We perform integrated production from press work to insert molding in the same factory, and can quickly address any problem by utilizing required technologies, including press technology, insert molding technology, and die technology, which we have accumulated over many years.

Example process (1)

Press work


Insert molding


Case where three pressed parts are integrally molded in three layers with PBT resin
We also provide insert-molded products with ten or more pressed parts and/or collars.
We specialize in high-performance resins (for engineering plastics), including nylon, PBT, and PPS, and also have various molding machines with optimum specifications.

Example process (2)

Press work


Primary molding


Secondary molding


Products requiring high precision and products requiring a shape that cannot be obtained in a single process are produced by dividing the molding process into two steps.
Some molded products may undergo a post-molding process such as trimming (tie-bar cutting), insulation and/or continuity inspection, and pressure-resistance inspection.

Example process (3)

Press work


Hoop molding


Case where reeled pressed parts are automatically fed and then insert molded
After the molding process, contact height inspection and tray packing are automatically performed.

Reason 2Quality assurance

"Quality is the life of a company."

This is our company policy clearly illustrating the commitment of Kawabe, which has devoted every effort to providing high-quality products and knows the importance of quality since the establishment of our business.

Kawabe acquired ISO 9001 certification, which is the international standard for quality management systems, in October 1996, earlier than other competitors in the industry. At that time, the standard had not been generalized yet. This is also an indication of the commitment of our company to quality.

While developing our quality management system, we are also focusing on building manufacturing processes that do not produce or distribute any defective items, and create a structure of work based on the fundamentals of manufacturing, which is "Incorporate quality in the processes."

We apply our own methods to the change point (or 4M change) management and the maintenance management for press dies and molding dies requiring high precision. Each employee of our company is enthusiastically promoting the management and activities unique to Kawabe committed to quality, including the improvement activities aiming for preventing serious defects, reducing in-process defects, and improving customer delivery rates.

In recent years, we have introduced measurement facilities for higher inspection accuracy and efficiency, including coordinate measuring machines equipped with CNC profile measurement functions, image dimension measurement systems capable of achieving instantaneous pass/fail judgment by using image processing and laser irradiation functions, and height and flatness measuring machines.

Kawabe will continue to focus on quality and to work together as one for manufacturing high-quality and reliable products will satisfy customers.

Acquisition of ISO 9001 certification
ISO9001 認証書 ISO9001 認証マーク

Kawabe, which has valued quality over everything else since the establishment of its business, acquired ISO 9001 certification for quality management systems earlier than other competitors in the industry.

- Auditing body: Japan Quality Assurance Organization
- Registration No.: JQA-1424