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Company Profile

Corporate Philosophy

Kawabe will continue to develop as an Asian company to realize customer satisfaction, social contribution, and the happiness of employees and their families.

Message from the President

“Quality is the Life of the Company” is our corporate motto. This embodies our belief since our founding that quality is the most important thing of all.

For many years we have striven to produce products backed by quality and technology from the design and manufacture of high-precision dies to a wide range of processing fields including press processing, plastic insert molding, and sub-assembly for automobile, office automation equipment, and audio visual equipment. In Japan we have consolidated its business resources on the automotive sector since 2003, to specialize in production of insert molded parts for switches, such as lever combination switches, power window switches, and inhibitor switches. Our integrated production from press processing to insert molding within a single factory makes possible just-in time delivery of high-quality products to our customers.

In October 2000, we established our first overseas facility by founding a local subsidiary in Thailand, and the factory of this subsidiary began operation in April 2001. Thailand continues to develop as a base for automobile production in Southeast Asia and the Thai local subsidiary specializes in the automobile and motorcycle fields by producing key sets, engine starter switches lever combination switches, wiper switches, and other parts of the same or better quality than those in Japan that is provides to many customers.

Both the Japanese and Thai sides have established production systems to support the production of increasingly high-function advanced high-quality parts and are working day and night to be an increasingly trustworthy manufacturer, so with this in mind I ask for your continued advice and support.

Eiichi Kawabe President

Company Profile

Name Kawabe Co., Ltd.
President Eiichi Kawabe
Founded February 1954
Incorporated November 1959
Capitalization 60 million yen
Number of employees 80
Business Areas Precision press dies, plastic injection molds, press processing, injection molding, and insert molding, sub-assemblies
Address 2-1-20 Goda, Okaya-shi, Nagano-ken, Japan  Headquarters Access Map
Overseas factory Kawabe Precision(Thailand)Co., Ltd.  See details here
Certifications ISO 14001 JQA-EM0914 ISO 9001 JQA-1424

Company History

Feb-54 Founded by the late Hiroshi Kawabe in Tenryu-cho, Okaya-shi
Nov-59 The main factory was constructed in Goda 1-chome, Okaya-shi and the HQ was transferred here.
Jul-70 The main factory was constructed in Goda 2-chome, Okaya-shi and the HQ was transferred here.
Oct-70 The company name was changed to Kawabe Co., Ltd.
Oct-92 An organizational change was made from a private limited company to a publicly-traded company
Oct-96 Certified for ISO 9001 and ISO 9002
Apr-97 Eiichi Kawabe named as a president
Jun-00 Certified for ISO 14001
Oct-00 Kawabe Presicion (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Was established in Thailand.
Apr-01 Thai local subsidiary operations inaugurated
Jun-04 Thai local subsidiary facilities expanded and new factory completed
Oct-04 Toyota Production System (TPS) implemented
Apr-06 Kawabe begins upright molding machine expansion and insert molding production
Aug-07 Thai local subsidiary begins upright molding machine expansion and insert molding production system strengthening
Jan-12 Thai local subsidiary facilities expanded and new factory completed
Contact us

Phone : 0266-23-4145 FAX : 0266-23-5694
E-mail :

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